Radiotelefon PM180 VHF mobile radio 136-174 MHz 25W programowany. Waga 1,1 kg. Wymiary: 165mm x 44.5mm x 163mm 

Number of Channels 512 kanałów 32 grupy                                                                    Channel Spacing 12.5 / 25kHz                                                                                  Operating Temp -30 ~ +60 stC                                                                                  Frequency Stability +/- 2.5 ppm                                                                                        Power Supply DC+13.6V                                                                                             Current Drain (approx)                                                                                                                                                              RX Max Audio 800mA                                                                                                 Stand-by 300mA                                                                                                         Antenna Impedance 50 Ohm

 * 218 x 32 Dots Graphic LCD                                                                                               • 4W Front-Mounted Speaker                                                                                                • Built-in 2 Tone, 5 Tone CTCSS, DCS Encoder & Decoder                                                        • Built-in Scramble & Compander                                                                                           • GPS Data communication (Option)                                                                                       • Normal scanning / Priority scanning                                                                                     • BCL (Busy Channel Lock) BCLO (Busy Channel Lock Out)                                                    • Selectable Squelch Level (0~10)                                                                                           • Time-Out Timer (TOT)                                                                                                          • Standard DTMF Encode and DTMF Decoder with ANI Function                                               • Emergency & Built-in Emergency Microphone                                                                       • Talk Around • Internal or External Speaker                                                                             • Remote Radio Stun / Revive (Use 5 tone)                                                                             • Ignition Function / Horn Alert / Public Address                                                                       • Built0in D-SUB15 Accessory Connector                                                                                • PC Program Tuning                                                                        RECEIVER                                                                                                             Sensitivity 0.25uV 12 dB SINAD                                                                                  Selectivity 75dB 40dB (Narrow), 45dB                                                                           Spurious and Harmonic Rejection Better than 75dB                                                             FM Hum and Noise 40dB (Narrow), 45dB (Wide)                                                                 Audio Output Power 4W at 10% distortion with a 4-ohm load                               TRANSMITTER                                                                                                                  RF Power Output 50Watt (VHF), 40Watt (UHF)                                                             Spurious and Harmonic 70dB                                                                                             FM Hum and Noise 40dB(Narrow), 45dB (Wide)                                                                     Audio Distortion 3% maximum with 1K

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